Phlebotomist Quiz

Phlebotomist Quiz

Interested in phlebotomy but don’t know if you can fit in the job well? Try out our phlebotomist quiz to see whether you have what it takes to become one! It’s super short and only has 10 questions, so answer as truthfully as you can for the most accurate results. Although this quiz is meant to provide you with an idea of whether you could become a successful phlebotomist, it won’t take into consideration everything about you. So take the advice it provides with a grain of salt; the only real way to find out whether phlebotomy is right for you is to actually practice what a phlebotomist does on a daily basis. The second best option is to research more about what it’s like to be one and determine whether it fits your character. So, if you are interested regardless, take some time to explore our website for more information about the field.

Concerning cleanliness, how would you describe yourself?

Describe how well you get along with others.

True or False?: I am a very detail oriented person.

Do you follow instructions well?

Rate your ability to focus on things.

How do you feel about routines?

How do you feel around blood?

How nimble are you with your hands?

Are you a cautious person?

How do you feel about needles?